Seed the Innovation Pipeline with the Right Ideas

Innovative ideas can come from many internal or external influences. Innovation leaders leverage teams of cross functional expertise to analyze the feasibility, achievability and potential value of each idea to identify the right ideas to move forward into the process. Oracle Innovation Management Cloud captures ideas and enables teams to socialize, vote on, and enrich each one with videos, documents, and other reference content to determine whether the idea should advance into the innovation funnel. Even if an idea is not selected, a full history of each idea and the related collaborative content remains available for downstream reference and reuse.

Quantify Strategic Impact with the Business Case

Oracle Innovation Management Cloud standardizes the approach to developing a business proposal for each requested idea which is translated into quantifiable business impact and business value. Decision makers have a consistent process to evaluate proposals across a wide variety of factors such as cost, resource needs, and expected value or revenue impact, all within the context of portfolio objectives and constraints. This approach aligns each idea to a business strategy, correlates the value of each idea to the strategy and demonstrates the total impact, so portfolio decision makers become more data-driven, and results-oriented.

Translate Ideas into Successful Products

Releasing new products ahead of the competition often delivers a powerful market share and monetary advantage but only if the delivered product meets or exceeds customers’ expectations for quality, functionality and price. Winning companies tightly manage the delicate balance between speed and achieving customer expectations. Oracle Innovation Management Cloud provides unique capabilities to capture requirements and trace the translation as they transition through the Innovation lifecycle starting from ideation through to concept and test case(s). Real-time analytics measure requirements feasibility, effort and fulfillment status, enabling teams to quickly identify and resolve at-risk requirements and manage scope change impact.

Equally important to achieving innovation success is delivering a product that meets the defined business case constraints. Oracle Innovation Management Cloud provides capabilities to re-use or transform existing items and model alternative approaches to delivering a concept. Concept alternates are evaluated against configurable metrics to determine how best to deliver a product that achieves its expectations of cost, risk and meets the specified requirements. The result is improved time-to-market with a product that delivers against both business and technical expectations.

Key Business Benefits:

☛   Improve visibility and executive alignment across new product and service investments.

☛   Better prioritize investment strategies while operating within constraints.

☛   Identify and respond faster to opportunities and risks.

☛   Improve productivity.

☛   Increase visibility into the fulfillment status of requirements.

☛   Reduce cost and risk through ‘right-sizing’ concepts.

☛   Trace ideation to offerings and all the decisions in between.

☛   Enhance social collaboration.

☛   Deliver quantifiable business impact.