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Every software is subject to evolution, and the transition that lies within that is subject to the great attention. We at S2 It group understand that transition that our clients require which gives rise to the “Cloud lab” initiative that we have developed.

Building a cloud practice is the main agenda for our organic growth, the year 2017 is the birth of the cloud era which has impacted the said market drastically and companies are openly opting for the transition. S2 IT group wants to be part of that transition, helping companies more from conventional ERP systems to cloud based platform.

S2 IT group has a fully functional Lab set up at Alpharetta, GA supported by Oracle Corporation. We are proud to announce a fully implemented cloud based application service at S2 IT which range in Financials, supply chain, inventory, warehouse management(logfire) and services modules.

We are a working lab that provide two weeks free assessment to opportunistic client that would like a hands-on experience on the SAAS application. The initiative is an eye opener to all categories of companies as this is the first step to the transition to a cloud platform.

The lab provides a working model of Oracle cloud applications, which if required can be configured to few of your recurring transaction and unique workflows as to show you the capabilities of a SAAS based application service provider.

S2 IT Group has been listed as Oracle Elite cloud partner and active member of Oracle’s customer advisory board, which gives an edge towards helping you achieve your Cloud Solution.

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