The Oracle Manufacturing Cloud solution helps firms compete in today’s global market by providing new and better tools to run their shop floor. With margins for products eroding and customer demands increasing, manufacturers must adopt modern best practices to increase business agility, enable insightful decision-making, and achieve more, with fewer resources. Built on a modern cloud platform, this solution provides manufacturing and supply chain materials management with integrated quality, embedded analytics and '2-click' ease of use, enabling outstanding user productivity and excellent return on investment. Cloud, desktop, tablet, mobile, scanning and social technologies are combined to provide the state of the art solution for manufacturing companies - whether you do in-house manufacturing or contract manufacturing - it can transform your business.

Manufacturing solution in the Cloud

The Oracle Manufacturing Cloud is designed to achieve manufacturing excellence in the industrial manufacturing and high technology industries without expensive hardware and system management overhead costs.

Visually Design Your Production Process .

In the Oracle Manufacturing Cloud, engineers can quickly define the necessary data for their plant hierarchy and process standards, working calendars, work areas, work centers resources, calendars and standard operations. They can visually design the production process on a new object called a work definition – which combines the item structure and routing into a single view. They create their operations, and then drag and drop resources and components to the process to complete the flow – determining shop floor controls on the way (such as which components must be manually issued, vs. automatically backflushed.) In addition, they can collaborate with colleagues through real-time conversations and stay connected with updates to work definitions using Oracle Social Network

Efficiently Manage Your Shop Floor While On the Go

Efficiently Manage Your Shop Floor While On the Go

The Production Supervisor starts on a landing page that gives them a quick look at critical information about how their work area or work centers are running. They can view and resolve exceptions with-one click access to drill into the details and take action, print travelers, generate parts list and view production and quality history. Work orders are also socially enabled to collaborate on problems, and Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence gives you quick and easy reporting capabilities. All designed for use on a tablet and / or smartphone, so the supervisor can take action on the go.

S2 IT Group - Our Unique Implementation Methodology

Review dispatch list, execute and complete work orders

Seamlessly integrate with your Outside Processing

Supplier Automate the process of managing both your internal manufacturing operations and supplier operations of a work order. Streamline and effectively manage your extended supply chain to reduce cost, improve on-time delivery, and improve visibility.

☛   Plan, execute and monitor supplier operations.

☛   Create work orders with the supplier operation services included

☛   Create shipping documentation and receive the partially finished assembly.

☛   Create and manage purchasing documents for the service.

☛   Update demand and supply changes

Key Business Benefits

☛   Increase margin/revenue.

☛   Reduce cost of ownership.

☛   Rapidly implement using quick set up.

☛   Manage and execute your production process, both internal and contract manufacturing.

☛   Reduce inventory, drive down costs, improve on-time deliveries.