Order Management

Order Management

Oracle Order Management improves the entire ordering and fulfillment process across the order-to-cash lifecycle. Increase customer satisfaction and order profitability with an integrated, centrally managed, and globally-available platform for order management.

Quote to Cash Orchestration

Accurately and efficiently manage customer orders across the entire quote-to-cash process.

☛   Improve order handling for standard items, configured items, and recurring services.

☛   Leverage prebuilt integrations with Oracle CPQ Cloud, Inventory and Cost Management Cloud, and Financials Cloud

☛   Convert your quotes to orders and take them to completion.

Oracle Order to Cash

Oracle’s order to cash solution offers comprehensive integrated inventory, manufacturing, procurement, finance, CPQ and commerce to simplify and improve order to cash business processes.

Oracle Order to Cash

Order Management Cloud

Create and price new or return orders including those with services and complex configured items. Enforce rules when revising or cancelling them. Import orders from other channels.


Global Order Promising Cloud

Identify the best source of supply, schedule complex fulfillment activities and manage backlog. Look into global inventory as well as planned availability and pick the most profitable option.


Configurator Cloud

Manage fulfillment processes across partners and systems. Pre-seeded process to get you started with easy tools to modify them and add more. Proactively monitor and resolve exceptions.

Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment

Optimize the sourcing and fulfillment of an order for maximum profitability.

☛   Gain supply visibility across multiple fulfillment sources

☛   Monitor fulfillment tasks and resolve issues before they affect customer commitments.

☛   Easily define, implement, and maintain your own fulfillment-orchestration policies

☛   Improve the quality of decisions through in-context analytics

Order Promising

Match order demand with available inventory, inbound shipments, purchase orders, and requisitions

☛   Source inventory from a range of fulfillment locations, including stores, warehouses, plants, and supplier sites

Order Promising

☛   Select the lowest cost source and delivery methods that meet your needs.

☛   Support omnichannel fulfillment practices by expanding supply sources beyond distribution centers