Product Management

Product Management offering helps your enterprise configure how to create and manage items, catalogs, and related processes, as well as the structures to support receipt accounting for purchased items, cost accounting for financial reporting, and product profitability management. The Oracle Fusion Applications Product Information Management Implementation Covers implementation of item, catalog, and product management processes, while the Oracle Fusion Applications Cost Accounting and Receipt Accounting Implementation Guide covers implementation of cost management and receipt accounting processes.

Product Information Management consists of three products:

1. Oracle Fusion Product Model:

☛   Access and Search Product Master Data

☛   Analyze Product and Service Master Data

☛   Manage Imports

☛   Define Items

☛   Define Catalogs

☛   Manage Product Attachments and many more

☛   Manage Product Bundles and Structures:

☛   Define Product Structure

☛   Manage Product Relationships and Associations

☛   Manage Product Revisions

☛   Manage Product Specifications

☛   Manage Trading Partners' Products:

☛   Release Product to Market

☛   Obsolete Products and Services

2. Oracle Fusion Product and Catalog Management :

☛   Define New Item Requests

☛   Define Product Rules

☛   Manage Item Versions

☛   Standardize Product and Service Data

☛   Define and Manage Product Change Orders

☛   Manage Supplier Collaboration

☛   Manage Product Security

☛   Manage Product Mass Updates

☛   Manage New Product Definition and Approval

3. Oracle Fusion Product Hub :

☛   Define Advanced Catalogs

☛   Set Up Product Source Systems

☛   Define Data Quality for Products

☛   Manage Import Batches

☛   Cleanse Product and Service Data

☛   Standardize Product and Service Data