What we offer

The S2 IT Group is an organization that is committed to providing Oracle and Workday application Implementation, Production support, and Quality assurance services. We strive to stand out from other consulting groups by delivering a cost-effective onsite, onshore model, as we are based out of Atlanta, GA. Our center of excellence team provides a complimentary two weeks on-site assessment program to assess and evaluate how you can grow better.

Industry Coverage

Based on years of experience, we've developed over 100 solutions to help organizations in specific industries improve the agility and performance of their integrated supply chain. These include tools such as preconfigured workflows, templates, processes, and training content, all thought through and documented in advance to accelerate timelines and simplify processes. Our knowledge is more than just general knowledge about supply chain; it's industry-specific and focused on the core verticals we serve.

Logistics and
Healthcare and

Our Core Competencies

Managed Services

S2 IT Group’s Managed Services is the leading solution for all aspects of your Oracle Application investment. S2 incorporates Functional and QA services in a single support model.                 

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Oracle Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud allows you to streamline your enterprise business processes using key pieces of Oracle’s market-leading integrated cloud. The Oracle ERP Cloud is a modern, collaborative solution.

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Oracle ERP Training

S2 IT Group can supply functional Oracle ERP training to your organization. Finance Modules, Supply Chain Modules, Oracle ERP Manufacturing Modules, Self-Service Modules, and Oracle CRM Modules.

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Our experts can help you drive the biggest benefits of Workday. You can leverage S2 IT Group consultants' extensive hands-on HR backgrounds, enhanced Workday methodology, and the ability to refine our customer’s methods.

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Our unique implementation methodology

Project Design

We start by assessing the business strategy. Plan the project, conduct a kick-off meeting, schedule workshops, conduct functional and technical design and then review. From there, we develop security and validation strategies and then start with the implementation.


Next, we validate configuration, load and validate data and apply and validate extensions. We then prepare the cutover strategy and implement security procedures and rules.


After the configuration process, we then prepare validation. Part of the validation process is conducting an end-to-end review to prepare for the training. We will conduct the train-the-trainer workshops and complete the implementation checkpoint.


With the transition phase we migrate the configuration to production, migrate integration and extensions to production, then load reconcile and validate data in production. Then we conduct the final validation and review, verify production and operational readiness.


With the realization step, we post go-live support and handoff to the customer relationship manager. From there we gain acceptance and close the project.

Iterative Cloud Development Cycle

The final step is the iterative cloud development cycle. In this step, we prototype and validate all previous cycles that we put in place by the S2 IT Group team.

Best In Class

S2 IT is a global organization comprised of over 100 consultants and nearly 20 research and information professionals. Our clients reflect our global nature. Our organization is designed to operate as one. We are a local, global partnership united by a robust set of values focused on client impact. We have our headquarters in Atlanta, GA. We take a consistent approach to recruiting and developing our people, regardless of where they are based. This structure ensures that we can quickly deliver the right team, with the right experience and expertise, to every client anywhere in the world.

Working With Us!

"The S2 IT GROUP team has been very accommodating during the creation and implementation of our program. They really listen to our needs and work to make our Oracle ERP fit our business process! The team has been AWESOME! I would recommend this group to any organization out there!"