Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) allows you to easily plan, recruit and retain talent, and provide the proper training and support to engage your employees and help them grow. Data visibility and accessibility in Workday enable managers and employees to be more active in HR-related processes. Such transparency helps to improve the employee experience and company efficiency.

Our experts can help you drive the most significant benefits of Workday. You can leverage S2 IT Group consultants’ extensive hands-on HR backgrounds, enhanced Workday methodology, and the ability to refine our customer’s working methods. We help your organization to improve its efficiency, innovation, and functions.

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Flexibility to help with
your challenges

Whether complying with new regulations, shifting your workforce, or opening a new location, Workday provides the flexibility needed to respond to change.

Maximum security of
your data

Workday protects that traditional software vendors cannot. Together we build and consistently update safety measures in every product to achieve the highest security possible.

Tailor-made to meet
your needs

We offer a global delivery model with experienced consultants who deliver end-to-end services that can be tailored to your needs. We strive to create the most sustainable and maintainable solutions.

With You All The Way

Pre-Project Preparation

Thorough planning and pre-project preparation will save you a lot of trouble and money during the actual implementation project. Our experienced consultants can help you align with Workday methodology and get your business processes and team ready. We work with you to evaluate how to implement Workday into your business.

Workday Implementation Project

The implementation project is a complex process that requires financial and employee resources. A reliable partner ensures you get the best value from your investment. S2 IT Group´s enhanced Workday methodology and proven project templates will help you to succeed.

Post-Production Services

Keep your Workday aligned with the constantly changing business environment. We can help you to stay up-to-date after go-live. Maintaining a healthy HCM system is not only about ticket-solving; your Workday platform should constantly align with your business needs. S2 IT Group´s proactive, customer-centric, and business-oriented approach provides support and helps you with Workday´s further development.

On-Demand Cloud HCM Resources

Are you foreseeing challenging times for your HR and HRIS department staffing? We can offer you on-demand Cloud HCM resources to help you. Our people are professionals with a solid HR background and broad experience working internationally. A variety of competencies within our team enables us to find the right fit for your needs.

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Workday Testing Services

The decision to move to Workday can be a tough choice with a lot involved in the process – from data extraction and integration to planning, creating, and testing integration requirements.
Our S2 IT Group Offers:

  • Free Assessment of your current system for testing
  • A detailed report of your system structure and the testing methodologies we will use to test its crucial elements
  • Complete coverage of requirements linked with business processes
  • Identifying risks in the test plan and help mitigate them
  • A defect tracking system to outline bugs, their Severity, and Priority based on the requirements
  • Agile testing approach to increase efficiency and progress throughout testing cycle to achieve milestones on time
  • Testing activities after every patch or upgrade
  • Test Automation services for web-based, mobile, cloud, or custom applications
  • Experienced professionals for excellent quality assurance