Financial Services

Oracle’s Financials Cloud offers a broad suite of capabilities designed to empower modern finance and deliver customer success with streamlined processes, increased productivity, and improved business decisions. Oracle Financials Cloud is a complete, modern solution providing continuous innovation in key technologies such as mobile, social, and analytics deployed in the cloud to achieve faster results with fewer resources.

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Oracle Accounting Hub

Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud creates accounting for disparate systems. It brings it all together into your primary general ledger for a single source of truth that consistently enforces accounting policies and achieves complete and timely insight.

S2 IT Group will help to:

  • Deliver Agile Accounting
    Quickly create accounting for disparate source systems, and easily adapt rules as accounting policies change
  • Ensure Complete Insight
    Deliver complete insight with centrally-accessible and rich business information, and manage dynamic reporting requirements
  • Maintain Control
    Apply accounting policies consistently with centralized rules, and eliminate errors with touchless processing
  • Integrate Disparate Systems
    Easily connect industry-specific transaction systems and 3rd party ERP systems to your primary ERP system

Financials Cloud

S2 IT group offers extensive support for global companies in various industries. We will help you streamline your financial business processes and technology requirements by increasing your decision-making with real-time information access and collaborating with you using social business objects to curb your costs and significantly increase productivity.

S2 IT Group Provides Functional Support In

  • Ledger and Analytics
  • Payable and Assets
  • Receivables
  • Collections
  • Expenses