Manufacturing & Logistics

Manage your supply chain's transportation, worldwide commerce, and distribution activities seamlessly to maximize faultless order fulfillment and minimize logistics costs while adjusting to business disruptions and changes.

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Manufacturing Cloud

Streamline your manufacturing processes through visualization, back flushed transactions, and social collaboration while controlling costs.

What we will do for you:

  • Define Work Definition
  • Manage Work Execution
  • Simplify Advance Fulfillment
  • Estimate Manufacturing Cost
  • Maintain Quality

Work Definition

  • Define
    Intuitive, visual, and web-based interface tools to build a foundation of manufacturing plant data
  • Inform
    Automated item structure change notification to Manufacturing
  • Collaborate
    Discuss process design within the context of the work definition
  • Import
    Use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for mass creation and updates

Manage Work Execution

  • Monitor
    View production status and take action on the go
  • Manage
    Manage standard, rework, and transform work orders for both in-house and outside operations
  • Enforce
    Enforce product quality and maintain tight control on serialized products
  • Go Lean
    Automatically backflush all materials and charge all resources without the need for a work order

Simplify Advanced fulfillment

  • Track
    Touchless execution of both Transactional and Strategic Contract Manufacturing lifecycle through the purchase of CM service, component movements, and reporting at milestone operations.
  • Simplify
    Manufacture configured products with automated, dynamic work definition and corresponding work orders.
  • Satisfy
    Deliver end-to-end supply execution and management across the SCM cloud.

Estimate Manufacturing Cost

  • Estimate
    Effectively plan and monitor manufacturing standard costs and variances by plant.
  • Capture and Rollup
    Material and resource costs are calculated using various costing methods: standard, actual, FIFO, or even multiple simultaneous costing methods.
  • Streamline
    Facilitate period end close with partial work order valuation of WIP assemblies.
  • Comply
    Determine root causes for cost variances.

Maintain Quality Drop Down

  • Design for Quality
    Connect product design standards and quality specifications to define inspection plans.
  • Inspection Management
    Perform inspections at critical points throughout the supply chain.
  • Non-Conformance Management
    Capture quality events in a centralized issue repository
  • Corrective Action Implementation
    Manage issues and corrective actions through their lifecycle capturing approvals, verifying the solution, and closing the incident.