Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud allows you to streamline your enterprise business processes using key pieces of Oracle’s market-leading integrated cloud. The Oracle ERP Cloud is a modern, collaborative solution to manage your Financials, Procurement, and Project Portfolio. It gives you the flexibility to start with a hybrid approach to take advantage of some of the innovative functionality enabled by cloud technology or to move all of your enterprise processes to the ERP Cloud.

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The Right Choice

That depends. Providers are investing significantly in enhancing their offerings, expanding the functionality and availability of their services, and reducing the risks of adoption. Smaller companies that want to gain the benefits of scale, lower their costs, and drive standardization should consider this option now, as should larger companies looking to reduce costs and drive standardization within divisions or functional units. ERP in the cloud is the future, and companies with a good reason not to take the plunge should monitor developments and consider their longer-range plans.